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Dietetics grad. Nutrition and fitness coach. Educational blogger & vlogger. Helping women everywhere be unapologetically strong, well-fed, and more badass #womenwhoeat

Hiiiii. My name is LCK. I graduated from Illinois State with a Bachelors in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics and have been in the nutrition and fitness coaching space since 2008.

I was diagnosed hypothyroid in my late high school years, and it led me to pursue a higher education to not only turn around my own health, but help someone in my position never be in my position.

Movement has always been my love language. I grew up a competitive gymnast, and then found competitive CrossFit. I competed at CrossFit Regionals and also coached for CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff.

I’ve written multiple ebooks, been on live TV, guest speaker on numerous popular podcasts, and recently launched a Youtube channel as well.

One of my proudest accomplishments this past year has been founding the massive community that is Paragon Training Methods. We’re effectively changing lives around the world and leading the way in people being strong, well-fed, and more badass.

You DON’T have to kill yourself to feel good, look great, and live your best life. I can’t wait to show you how!

xoxo, -LCK

Fun Recognitions:

  • LCK’s Blog was voted “Best Website” via Paleo Magazine
  • LCK & Paragon Training Methods was featured on 3 different live television segments with Fox News
  • LCK was voted and recognized as Austin’s 2019 #1 Nutrionist, Personal Trainer, & Health/Fitness Ambassador

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The majority of the “at-home workouts” available right now are focused primarily on conditioning. These workouts often look like 4-5 miscellaneous movements slammed together for as many reps or rounds as possible in a 20-40 minute time frame.

There’s no long-term structure or plan. Nor is there a focus on quality strength and lifting pieces, as everything is about accumulating reps for time.

Those types of random, at-home workouts will definitely make you sweat and get the endorphins going… but aren’t necessarily the most efficient route to build muscle or a great looking physique. 

Whether you realize it or not, the body and appearance you desire likely has more muscle than you currently have noWe can’t be endlessly dieting, as our body needs sufficient calories in order to build muscle. Conditioning is great and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying cardio, but it should definitely be paired with lifting heavy weights a few times a week, if possible. 

There’s no such thing as “toning.” Being “lean” is a result of carrying more muscle and less fat. It’s incredibly hard for a female to get “bulky.” And we certainly aren’t going to appear “more shredded” if we lose weight UNLESS we’ve been lifting heavy and pushing it during workouts to build and maintain muscle.

If you want to look and feel damn good, it’s achieved by following a structured program, living an active lifestyle, and consistently eating well. Since day one, we’ve led with a unique style of evidenced-based programming to make training fun and help our members build muscle, enhance their physique, and help them look and feel their best.

With Bryan’s extensive background in programming and my 12+ years of dietetics schooling and experience coaching nutrition, we’re effectively taking the confusion of nutrition and fitness and helping thousands of people around the globe find better harmony with their body, food, and exercise ♥️ 

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