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Update: Collagen Peptides are still bae.

While whey is a quick and easy way to get in extra protein, it certainly has some trade-offs. They say roughly 65-75% of the population is lactose intolerant to some degree (Lactose intolerance occurs when a person is unable to break down lactose, the main sugar in milk). As a result, the undigested milk sugars ferment in the gut and may lead to symptoms like gas, bloating, or diarrhea.

Dairy and dairy products (like whey) also don’t have the greatest track record as they may encourage acne, inflammation, or negatively impact menstrual health.

Collagen peptides on the other hand are a dairy-free, super awesome alternative. You’ll also see collagen protein and gelatin for sale – Peptides are the most bioavailable, meaning they absorb and digest better and quicker into the bloodstream

Benefits of Collagen Peptides:
⚡Great protein option for those who can’t handle dairy/whey
⚡Improve health of hair, skin, nails, & teeth
⚡May reduce & improve wrinkles, cellulite, & stretch marks
⚡Boosts GI health & helps prevent/remedy leaky gut syndrome
⚡Beneficial to metabolism
⚡Improves liver health
⚡Improves joint health & joint tissue
⚡Improves symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Ways to Use Collagen Peptides:
⚡Hot Coffee/Matcha – If cold, you’ll have to blend it (:
⚡Smoothie – Peptides are flavorless, so they’ll go unnoticed
⚡Oatmeal- Limit to 1/2 scoop to 1 scoop or texture can get weird

We’re huge on supporting small biz, & LOVE @wildfoodsco – Collagen peptides can be pricyyyy & they offer Pasture-Raised Bovine Collagen Peptides (from Brazil) at a super affordable price point!
⚡Feel free to use code “WildNutrition” at checkout to save a little dough. They’ve got matcha, MCT oil, and tons of other great products & adaptogens!

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