CrossFit Open Nutrition Tips – Part 2

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It’s finally here friends, the CrossFit Open is officially upon us! Today we’re going to talk about how to optimize our workouts & our CrossFit Open nutrition to use these next 5 weeks as a springboard to continue crushing goals during and AFTER the Open.

The Quick Deets:
▪️The CrossFit Open is 5 WEEKS of maximal intensity/output
▪️The body gets beat tf up. People are REPEATING WORKOUTS 2-3 TIMES for 5 weeks!
▪️We lose a lil strength b/c during the Open, we’re not lifting heavy as much
▪️We lose training days due to repeating workouts/resting more than usual
▪️Most people have 1-2 refeed (high carb) days, & likely overall higher cals than usual

What Does That Mean? Probably NOT:
▪️Losing weight/seeing body comp changes during the CF Open
▪️Getting stronger/more skilled
▪️In a place to immediately diet post-open

Read That Again:
WHAT?! But you said I could diet again after the Open was over!

What If I Told You That You Could:
▪️Perform your best
▪️Maintain performance in the gym
▪️Expedite working towards your body goals post-Open?

Any Good Nutrition Coach Understands That:
▪️Body as been thru the RINGER these past 5 weeks
▪️People are PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY EXHAUSTED since they’ve dialed in their food/fitness for MONTHS now

Any Good Nutrition Coach SHOULD:
▪️Prescribe a DIET BREAK post-open (AKA ghost MFP/macros for 1-2 wks so you can relax/get your mind right)
▪️Follow up with a GUT HEALTH PROTOCOL
5 weeks of competing = super inflamed body/gut (fermented foods, collagen, bone broth, etc)

It’s not as simple as “Finish 18.5, 3-2-1 Diet!”

But we COULD expedite that process!

There is a VERY simple way to make the Open less intrusive on our health/body comp journey: STOP REPEATING THE WORKOUTS EVERY WEEK

This means you have to:
▪️Tone down the weekly wiener measuring
▪️Chuck ya ego
▪️Hit a “one & done” and leave it all out there

By NOT repeating workouts:
▪️You could maintain a more regular training schedule
▪️Body would be less beat up
▪️You’d be a in place to more quickly work towards goals in 5 weeks

I get it: If you’re TRULY competitive & a Regional spot is GENUINELY on the line, do what you gotta do to make things happen

But for the rest of us: Let’s use the Open as a SPRINGBOARD (rather than a STOP SIGN) to continue crushing goals & work towards our healthiest and happiest self.

Happy Open, my friends!✨

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