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50 Min Meal Prep, otherwise known as “The Art of Getting Sh*t Done”. Your Sunday Funday experience should be full of sunshine, nature, and relaxing by the pool – not being holed up in your kitchen stadium for hours on end chopping carrots. A few investments on the front end will help you fly through prep and clean up.

If trying to ball on a budget, we’d prioritize investing in:
⚡️Glass Tupperware set (keeps food longer and hormones happy!)
⚡️Chef & Pairing Knife (we love Victorinox!)
⚡️1-2 Frying Pans (Copper Pans ftw!)

Plan Your Week:
⚡️Decide on a “go to” breakfast to crush every morning as it makes for one less thing to plan. For ex: eggs, bacon, 1-2 veggies, a side of oatmeal & fruit
⚡️Utilize the “Rule of 2’s” to plan lunch & dinner: 2 meats (ground beef, salmon), 2 fats (avocado, olive oil), 2 carbs (rice, potatoes), 2 veggies (zucchini, bell peppers). Lunch becomes beef, avocado, rice, & zukes. Dinner becomes salmon, potatoes, bells, & olive oil. BAM!

Tips on 50 Minute Prep:
⚡️Throw on some Spotify jams or a Netflix show
⚡️Dont’ be afraid to spend a lil $$ to save time. Pre-chopped veggies (like butternut squash), pre-spiralized noodles, pre-chopped veggies – figure out what you don’t mind doing vs where you want to cut corners. You’ll never see me chopping a bnut squash (;
⚡️Meat and carbohydratess typically take the longest to cook, so get those started FIRST
⚡️Be a multi-tasking ninja. Can you have something sautéing on the stove or roasting in oven while you chop raw veggies?
⚡️Simplicity always wins. Skip the fancy Pinterest recipes. Batch roast or saute meats, veggies, & carbs – focus on bomb marinades, tasty sauces, & seasoning with all the spices (we love @traderjoes BBQ espresso rub, everything but the bagel seasoning, onion & garlic powder, & Himalayan sea salt!)
⚡️Don’t be enticed by high heats to speed up cooking – you’ll end up with dry, rubbery, or burnt food

Love these types of nutrition tips? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you & has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, information on how much to eat, tips on fat loss, deets on hormones, guides on cooking, macros, & SO much more!

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