800 Grams of Veggies Challenge

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Saying that you count macros is kindddd of like saying you Crossfit – It can mean A LOT of different things to a lot of different people.

In a perfect world, we’d love to see:
⚡️Red meat 1x/day (it has the best amino acid profile of all meats – worth noting chicken is highest in omega-6 fatty acids – oops!)
⚡️Wild-caught fish 2-3x/week
⚡️30-40g fiber daily
⚡️Alllll the water
⚡️2-3 servings of fruit daily
⚡️Crushing a protein, carb, fat at every meal alongside ALL the veggies and green stuff
⚡️Bonus points for hipster shizz like bone broth, collagen, sprouts, and cruciferous stuff like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels

Sadly, it’s common to be bad at adulting. Wanna know how many food logs we’ve seen of people crushing 300-400g of carbs daily without any fruits or veg in the mix? We know pimpin’ aint easy, but y’all got no chill.

Maybe you’re a single, independent woman who don’t need no man, but we sure AF need some micronutrients in our our life if we want long-term health, a great physique, and happy hormones.

Also worth plugging that if we’re not mastering the basics like sleeping 8-10 hours at night or eating loads of vegetables, we probably shouldn’t be fussing with supplements or complaining about our appearance/physique.

Dannng, ok fam! So how do we play?
⚡️1 cup of veggies is about 85 grams.
⚡️800 grams ~ 8-9 cups of veggies.
⚡️Or 2-2.5 cups or 200-250g of veggies at every meal

We can include fruits, but remember: The focus is on VEGGIES, so don’t Sneaky Pete your way into 800 grams of sugar. Avocado is technically a fruit, so def count that dude in the mix. Variety is the spice of life, so get colorful & shake it up!

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