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Being Dairy-Free Doesn’t Have to Suck.

No contest, ask someone their favorite food and there’s a pretty good chance it might be a dairy-filled item, like ice cream, cheeseburgers, or pizza.

Some people can swim in heaps of protein shakes, quesadillas, and ice cream galore without issue. Yet others may struggle with breakouts, bloating, gas, digestive woes, or a negative affect to menstrual cycles (meaning if they minimize or remove dairy, they see an improvement in menstrual health and symptoms). Why the disparity? Statistics say 60-70% of the population has some degree of lactose intolerance, and lactose is also a non-resilient enzyme, so if we don’t eat dairy on the reg, we stop producing the enzyme that helps us digest it. Products with casein (commonly found in ice cream, cheese, or milk) may be extra inflammatory to the body depending on the person. A1 Casein can convert to a metabolite known as BCM-7, which may cause an increase in inflammatory cytokines and potentially hamper glutathione (a natural anti-inflammatory and master antioxidant)

We’re never here to tell you what to eat or not eat, but just to raise some awareness so we’re better equipped to decide how a food fits into our life (:

Should we go dairy-free, we’ll be relieved to see there’s tons of product swaps or work-arounds available.

Need a swap for milk or creamer?

Almond milk, coconut milk, or nut creamers to the rescue. @califiafarms in particular kills this game

Need a swap for yogurt?

Super easy, there’s tons of cashew, almond, or coconut-based swaps

Need a protein bar or shake substitute?

Try a plant based protein powder, egg-white based bars, collagen protein, or bone broth protein from companies like @wildfoodsco @rxbar @bulletproof

Love ice cream or pizza?

Companies like @halotopcreamery @so_delicious have your back
Love queso? Spring for @sietefoods cashew sub, or swing left and simply opt for stuff like hummus, guac, or salsa

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