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Thyroid Health

I recently pulled the best thyroid labs I’ve ever drawn in 14 years of being on thyroid meds… 

Truthfully, I never thought this day would get here. Ever since I stopped competitive CrossFit and had surgery to put my shoulder back together in the fall of 2017, I’ve been trying really, REALLY hard to take care of my body.

I went off hormonal birth control. Went from training several hrs a day, seven days a week via high-intensity exercise to bodybuilding/lifting 3-5 times a week via @paragontrainingmethods

I started seeing a licensed therapist to work through my dysfunctional relationships with food/exercise. I was crushing plenty of sleep, supplementing my brains out, focusing on high-quality food, and lots of it. Spent thousands of dollars and worked with 2 functional doctors for 1.5+ years to remedy my gut health and hormones.

But my hard work, consistency, and inputs via nutrition, fitness, and exercise still didn’t show in how I looked, felt, and definitely didn’t show whenever I would draw blood work and labs.

This exact time last year, Steve and I flew out to see Bryan in Colorado. My health still wasn’t doing good and I felt pretty awful. 

I had been put on bioidentical HRT per doctor orders and was sitting much heavier than my normal. I’d wake up every morning covered in sweat. I consistently felt like I could blackout whenever I’d lift at the gym. I would experience devastating mood swings + PMDD the second half of my cycle where I actually just wanted to curl in a ball and die. My cycles were suddenly super heavy (I soon went off HRT because it just didn’t seem to be a good fit for me even 8+ months later). I was so uncomfortable in my body and felt all around awful. 

Fast forward a year later:  I’m happy to report I feel great

Sleeping well. Energy levels + digestion are great. The symptomless cycle happens every ~28 days. No crazy mood swings during my luteal phase each month. I feel strong in the gym and good in my skin. What a gift, truly. Everyone deserves to feel like this.

It’s my motivation every single day as I continue to put out free nutrition/exercise content and do everything in my power to help you guys feel the same. I just want you to know that if I can get here – so can you. I know it feels hard and you might not be making progress sometimes. Keep showing up anyway.

Hormone Health

Hormone Health and Wellness


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