About LCK

Well hey there. My name is LCK, & I’m a nutrition coach, educational blogger, vlogger, and total badass. I run a world-famous blog, have been on numerous big-name podcasts, and proud cofounder of Paragon Training Methods. I recently started a Youtube channel, and am an avid fan of being outside, being active, traveling, board sports, and spending time in the gym.

I began fitness and nutrition coaching in 2008, when I decided to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was sleeping upwards of 14-15 hours a day, missing school and work because I was so unbelievably exhausted, and for the first time in my life, struggling with my weight and body appearance.

Despite being prescribed thyroid medication, I was not feeling much better. My doctor gave no further guidance or suggestions on how to improve my health, symptoms, or weight under control. I decided to pursue a Bachelors in Nutrition & Dietetics in hopes of not getting to the root of my health issues, but to help others in my position never be in my position.

My early and late 20’s were filled to the brim with disordered habits regarding nutrition and exercise. When I found CrossFit in 2013, I walked in the door weighing a whopping 92 lbs and had never touched a single weight before. Lifting heavy saved my life. While I gained over 40 lbs and finally walk around present day at a healthy weight, I’m still playing clean up from years of under-eating, overtraining, and poor relationship with myself.

I’ve learned so many things the hard way, and I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone. But if I could do anything different, I’m not sure that I would. Sharing my own personal health and fitness journey has enabled me to reach thousands and thousands of people around the world and get them to question and analyze the way they view their nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

I genuinely believe that everything that’s happened to me is because I have the unique gift to teach and educate others. Through tons of research and years of working with others, I’ve learned SO much about how to build a happy and sustainable lifestyle and how to eat and workout in a way that supports our mental health, gut, thyroid, adrenals, and hormones.

We developed Paragon Training Methods as I was bouncing back from shoulder surgery, overtraining, and hormone and adrenal woes. It’s perfect for those burnt out on high intensity exercise, struggling with hormone woes, or those just wanting to feel good and look great. 

Our StrongxWell-Fed program is helping changing lives around the world and helping women everywhere be unapologetically more badass.



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