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The running joke among nutrition coaches: Everybody wanna lose weight, yet nobody crushing enough d*mn food on the reg.

Potential Spirit Animals:
⚡️Busy Bee: So busy putting out work fires that they forget to eat
⚡️Down-regulated: Been low calorie for so long they just don’t feel hungry
⚡️Yo-Yo: Bounces between under & overeating. Might eat 1800 cals, 2800 the next, 2200 the next
⚡️Weekend Warrior: Food shizz on lock Mon-Fri. The weekend? All the booze & fast food!
⚡️Perpetual Dieter: If a new diet came to market, they’d be the first to swipe right
⚡️Type A: Meticulously tracking macros since before it was cool
(there’s plenty of others)

“Maintenance calories are defined as the total cals req

uired on a daily basis to maintain body weight with no gains or losses to fat or muscle tissue”. Height, weight, body fat %, exercise, NEAT, genetics, stress – SO many factors play into how much food we can crush in a day

What does it feel like to eat at maintenance? Like life doesn’t suck? Everything improves if we’re crushing enough comida. Want to feel better in the gym, recover like a champ, have more energy, sleep like a dream, and have a high sex drive? Consider shoving more food in your piehole.

Signs We May Not Be Eating Enough Food:
⚡️Low energy
⚡️Chronically hunger, never feeling hungry
⚡️Poor sleep, waking up multiple times a night
⚡️Inability to gain muscle, hit PR’s, or lose weight
⚡️Lack of menstruation, irregular periods
⚡️Chronically feeling cold, subclinical thyroid labs (hypothyroidism)
⚡️Hair loss
⚡️Mood swings
⚡️No sex drive, infertility
(this list could go on forever)

Think You May Be Undereating?
⚡️Check out the cheat sheets.

Considerations Regarding Fat Loss:
⚡️In most cases, we should likely only diet 1-2x a year for up to 4-12 wks (give or take – mileage may vary). Been cutting with a coach or on a template months on end? May be time to consider reversing back to maintenance & give the body, hormones, & thyroid a lil break (PMID: 28119632).

Enjoy these types of nutrition tips? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you and has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, info on how much to eat, fat loss tips, hormones, and SO much more!

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