Are You Eating Too Much Fruit?

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Our little sugary friends contains antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They’re low in fat, calories, & also DELICIOUS. So should we be filling ALL our carb macros with things like berries, bananas, & watermelon? Maybe, maybe not.

We generally recommend limiting fruit to 1-3 servings a day & instead filling carbs with things like veggies/squash/rice/potatoes.

But let’s back it up jusst a little: Carbohydrates are super important to our health. Vital for thyroid function, necessary for optimal menstrual health, to help us exercise & recover, amongst a billion other things.

In the human body, we store carbohydrates (as various forms of glycogen) in both our liver & skeletal muscle. Fructose (aka the sugar in fruit) breaks down & gets stored as liver glycogen. Our liver has the capacity to store about 100g of glycogen & supplies energy for our body. Glucose (like rice, potatoes, or quinoa) breaks down & get stored as muscle glycogen in our skeletal muscles. We can store roughly 240-400g+ of glycogen to supply energy for our muscles.

The caveat is that glycogen stored in our liver CANNOT be converted or used to fuel our muscles. Know what we use when we exercise and train? Glycogen in our skeletal muscles.

In English?

Fruit may not be the best source to fuel us during exercise or help us recover. So if you’re filling your carb macros with a ton of fruit, you’re not fueling as intelligently as you could & probably feeling junkier than necessary

As always kids, do better as you know better! I promise toying around with your carb choices will make a HUGE difference??

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