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Progesterone is a sex hormone that’s vital to our overall health and well being. Unfortunately, anovulatory cycles can be pretty common, and many women don’t know if they ovulate every month or not (detectable via changes in basal temperature, changes to cervical mucus, changes in cervix positioning, etc).

Worth mentioning that if we’re taking hormonal birth control, we likely don’t ovulate, as that’s one of the primary ways it prevents pregnancy, is by blocking ovulation (:

Estrogen and progesterone act much like a ying-yang and should work in harmony together. Estrogen rises greatly during the first half of our monthly cycle and then has a second smaller peak during the second half of our cycle. Meanwhile, we should ovulate mid-cycle, and then see a rise in progesterone during our luteal phase.

But due to a variety of reasons, we might not see ovulation, and thus no progesterone. Root causes that might result in anovulatory cycles might include undereating, not eating enough carbs, not eating enough healthy dietary fats, exercising too much, insulin resistance, elevated androgens, and so on.

Benefits of Progesterone:
– Natural diuretic
– Natural antidepressant
– Boosts body temperature & metabolism
– Promotes healthy thyroid function
– Promotes healthy libido & sex drive
– Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
– Helps our body to cope with stress
– Reduces inflammation
– Maintains uterine lining (so we can get pregnant, if we want to)

Supplements That May Support Ovulation & Progesterone Production
– Zinc
– Vitamin B Complex (especially B6)
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– L-Arginine
– Magnesium
– Vitex (doublecheck with your doctor!)


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