Buy Your Way to Better Body Composition (Via Better Sleep)

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To quote @RobbWolf, ‘Want to lose muscle and gain fat? Don’t sleep!’

People notoriously stress “the dollar bills” (perfect programming, perfect macros, fancy supps), & ignore the “the hundred dollar bills” (like increasing recovery through rest days, eating enough carbs & calories, and most importantly: SLEEP!)

Adequate sleep is the most potent & underutilized advantage out there, & ironically it doesn’t cost a single dime.

Chronically Living in a Sleep Deficit:

⚡️Impairs cognitive & immune function
⚡️Increases food cravings
⚡️Increases inflammation in the body
⚡️Impairs the gut
⚡️May impede weight loss or muscle gain
⚡️Impairs insulin (They say it only takes one night of bad sleep to become as insulin resistant as a type 2 diabetic)

Ideally, we should be crushing 8-10 hrs of sleep daily, as recovery is pertinent to creating positive adaption (like weight loss, or lean tissue gain). But don’t be the dummy shelling out hundreds of dollars on nutrition coaching, individualized gym programming, & expensive supps & then not achieve results because we can’t adult and go to freaking bed.

Regardless of how many hours of zzz’s we net, we CAN buy our way into better sleep for whatever hours you DO get.

Purchases That Can Improve Sleep Quality:
⚡️Mattress: Performasleep – Basically a giant snuggly cloud that supports your joints & muscles. Ships right to your door & contains a copper-infused top layer to transfer heat away from the body.

⚡️Pillows: Bedgear – Boujee AF price tag & worth every penny. Take the pillow ID to find your perfect match based on body size, sleep preference, etc etc.

⚡️Blue-Blocking Shades: Felix Grays FOR THE WIN. Blue light from electronics (like phones, laptops, tv) blocks melatonin. Ever wonder why you can’t fall asleep after endless scrolling the ‘gram? MF blue light. (& I mean, sure – you can rock some goofy giant orange goggles. Or you could rock trendy, “regular looking” glasses that do the same thing)

⚡️Window Curtains or Sleep Mask: Your bedroom should be a cave when it’s time to hit the pillow. All black EVERYTHING. Invest in black-out curtains or rock a sleep mask (I’m way too lazy to hang curtains, so we’re def team sleep mask over here!)

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