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On today’s episode of “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”: I present you with a Carbohydrate Macro Cheat Sheet (because friends don’t let friends exercise on vegetables!)

You think this is a joke but seriouslyy, welcome to 2018:
⚡️pizza is a vegetable
⚡️kids eat TidePods
⚡️sedentary people (that live in cubicles) love inhaling carbs
⚡️and yet the people spending 2-4 hours in the gym on the daily are afraid of potatoes and rice

Can we stop the carb-phobia already? It’s VITAL to understand energy systems in your training modality so that we can properly meet the physical demand of your training. If you’re fairly active, you probably need a lot more carbohydrates than what you might be eating.

CrossFit is a GLYCOLYTIC sport (as is Orange Theory, Spin Class, etc) and thus MUST be fueled by CARBOHYDRATES.

Someone that is Bodybuilding may or may not need as many carbohydrates since the exercise modality is a different kind of stress on the body

Weightlifters/powerlifters need for carbohydrates tend to fall somewhere in the middle

Important Things to Note About Carbohydrates?
⚡️Fruit breaks down to FRUCTOSE which is preferentially stored as LIVER glycogen (NOT MUSCLE glycogen — consider limiting to 1-2 servings a day)
⚡️We want sources of MUSCLE GLUCOSE for exercise (aka plenty of potatoes, rice, oatmeal, etc)
⚡️Carbohydrates are necessarily for optimal thyroid and hormone function
⚡️We hold onto 3g of WATER for every gram of glycogen we store (so yes, scale may vary depending on our diet and how many carbs we eat. It’s just water weight!)
⚡️Glycogen stores take 24-36 hours to replenish. This means we are always fueling exercise off the day BEFORE, not necessarily the day OF (although day of is certainly important too. If you feel junky)
⚡️The body tends to respond best to gradual increases in carbohydrates (aka don’t go from 150c daily to 300c the next, it probablyy won’t go well)

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