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People are hella passionate about cheese, ice cream, post-workout whey protein shakes, and “before bed, night-time casein” routines. As always with nutrition, nothing is necessary good or bad, but the question worth asking is “is it right for me?”

Some people experience absolutely zero issues with whey protein, casein protein, or dairy in general. Reversely, others may see negative impact to their digestion, menstrual cycle, skin, or experience icky symptoms like bloating, gas, or diarrhea after crushing dairy.

They say lactose intolerance impacts 60-70% of the population… Which is rude, considering dairy products like queso, pizza, and ice cream are pretty dang delicious. To add to the butthurt, lactase is a non-resilient enzyme – so if we stop eating it on the reg (say we joyride a Whole30 or elimination diet for too long), we can create even MORE issues as we stop producing the enzymes to eat aforementioned foods.

Thoughts on Whey Protein:
Try using a whey protein formula with minimal ingredients: If the ingredient label is longer than 4-5 items, it’s likely highly processed junk that’s been treated with a lot of heat and chemicals. Digestive enzymes and gums shouldn’t be necessary either. Try to find a grass-fed formulation that’s undenatured (this means its made directly from milk and not as a byproduct of cheese making)

Dairy-Free Suggestions:
Dairy not your friend? Opt for collagen peptides – it’s flavorless and also great for hair, skin, nails, and gut health. We love @wildfoodsco for both whey protein and collagen peptides (‘wildnutrition’ will save ya at checkout)

Thoughts on Casein Protein:
We’re not huge fans of casein. It’s highly allergenic, which is why it’s typically removed from common commercial products (like ice cream or milk). Depending on the person, casein may be inflammatory to the body – A1 casein may convert to a metabolite known as BCM-7. If this happens, the immune system triggers and creates inflammatory cytokines: hellooo increased inflammation and potential reduction in glutathione (a natural anti-inflammatory and master antioxidant that helps the body properly detox).

Fun fact: cheese is a very concentrated hunk of casein (:

Potential Symptoms of Dairy Intolerance:
⚡️Skin rashes
⚡️Constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea
⚡️Ear infection (common in children!)
⚡️Eczema, psoriasis
⚡️Sinus infections, seasonal allergies, hay fever
⚡️Excess mucus production
⚡️Respiratory problems, asthma

Potential Benefits of a Dairy-Free Diet:
⚡️Improved digestion
⚡️Reduction in gas, bloating, or constipation
⚡️Improvements in menstrual cycles and PMS
⚡️Reduced inflammation
⚡️Clearer skin

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