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Cellulite is normal. We all have it. And unfortunately.. you may or may not be able to get rid of it.

Cellulite is that pesky “cottage cheese”, dimple-y appearance that we often see plaguing legs, thighs, backs, arms, and buttocks. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits in the body push through the connective tissue beneath the skin.

Thanks to Photoshop and Instagram filters, it may SEEM like cellulite is an uncommon issue, but the number of cosmetic surgeries and liposuction conducted across the US this past year def say otherwise. Just about everybody has cellulite and it’s completely and totally normal (If you pay attention, even newborn babies have it)

What Contributes to Cellulite? (Turns out quite a lot)
– Chronic stress
– A low-quality diet that is high in carbohydrates (in relation to activity levels)
– Hormonal changes (especially related to estrogen dominance)
– Poor gut health and digestion
– Loss of collagen in the skin as we age
– A sedentary lifestyle (lack of circulation = lack of blood flow)
– Being overweight / having a high body fat %
– Dehydration
– Consistent low fiber and water intake
– Fluid retention
… just to name a few!

Potential Medical Interventions**:
– Topical Creams
– Massage/laser/light therapy
– Liposuction (numerous studies show cellulite or body fat generally reappears within a year – often in a different spot from where it was removed!)

Ways to Naturally Improve Cellulite:
– Reduce body fat
– Consume more collagen (Collagen powders and  bone broth are great)
– Minimize consumption of processed foods and foods out of packages (Refined grains and flours, especially)
– Exercise regularly, especially weight training/heavy lifting (We love Paragon Training Methods)
– Drink plenty of water (Bodyweight /2 in oz + 15 oz for every hour of exercise)
– Address gut health (we love Dr. Ruscio’s Healthy Gut Healthy You!)
– Consume high-quality animal protein (grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, wild caught fish)
– Consume high-quality healthy fats (Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, and wild-caught fish)
– Ample fiber consumption daily (Avocados, veggies, berries, beans, and lentils)
– Do regular hormone and thyroid testing and work with your doctor to correct imbalances or deficiencies

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