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People reallllly seem to really struggle with the whole “getting adequate protein” thing. Poultry is arguably one of the cheaper ways to get the job done – just make sure to buy quality sources as cheap meats may be riddled with antibiotics, hormones, and other junk.

One thing worth noting is that chicken has one of the highest omega-6 fatty acid contents of almost all the meats available.

This doesn’t make it bad, but DOES emphasize the point that we NEED to mix up our protein selections to include other varieties of sources (like fish and red meat) as well as be on top of our omega-3 intake (oily fish, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc). So mix that sh*t up!

And since friends don’t let friends eat nasty, dry chicken – here’s the skinny on how to be 10x more AWESOME in the kitchen and up the ante on your chicken sizzles.

BBQ Crockpot Chicken:
1. Grab a crockpot or slower cooker
2. Drizzle a lil olive oil & balsamic vinegar in the bottom of the pot, 1-2 T of each should do the trick
3. Insert your organic chicken of choice
4. Season generously with bomb spices. Trader Joe’s BBQ Espresso Rub + Trader Joe’s Onion Salt are BAE
5. Slow cook for 4-5 hours. Make sure to move and flip your chickens after they’ve been cooking a little
6. Drain liquid
7. Pull apart & shred
8. Toss in favorite BBQ sauce
9. Pat yourself on the back – you’re practicallyy Top Chef material!

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