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Man, collagen peptides are trendyAF right now and we’re totally not mad about it. Did you know that collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the body?

Collagen Is Found In:
⚡️Blood vessels
⚡️Gut & digestive system

Think of it as the “glue” that holds things together in the body. Collagen gives skin elasticity, makes our hair/skin/nails awesome, protects our joints, and helps keep our gut happy and healthy!

Benefits of Collagen Peptides:
⚡️Great protein option for those who can’t handle dairy/whey ▫️Improve health of hair, skin, nails, & teeth
⚡️May reduce & improve wrinkles, cellulite, & stretch marks
⚡️Boosts GI health & helps prevent/remedy leaky gut syndrome
⚡️Beneficial to metabolism
⚡️Improves liver health
⚡️Improves joint health & joint tissue
⚡️Improves symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Factors That Decrease Collagen:
⚡️UV exposure
⚡️Lack of sleep
⚡️Poor hydration
⚡️Nutrient & vitamin deficiencies
⚡️Consumption of processed foods
⚡️High sugar consumption & poor diet
⚡️Imbalanced blood sugar, high blood pressure

Naturally Boosting Collagen Production:
⚡️By taking collagen peptides! Peptides are flavorless & can hide in virtually anything. Throw in smoothies, blend into coffee/tea/juices, toss into baked goods, stir into GF oats – the options are virtually endless!
⚡️We’re huge on supporting small biz, & LOVE WildFoodsCo – Collagen peptides can be pricyyyy & they offer Pasture-Raised Bovine Collagen Peptides (from Brazil) at a super affordable price point!
⚡️Feel free to use code “WildNutrition” at checkout to save a little dough. They’ve got matcha, MCT oil, and tons of other great products & adaptogens!

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