Common Mistakes When Tracking Food in MyFitnessPal

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Weigh and measure our food? Now, why the heck would we want to do that? By using food tracking applications and a food scale, we can turn our nutrition into one big science experiment where we manipulate specific quantities and macros (protein/carb/fat) to elicit the desired outcome.

That being said – Weighing, measuring, and tracking our food intake definitely comes with a learning curve. Thankfully with persistent use and a little experience under our belt, we can become a tracking pro in no time!

Mistake #1: Using Generic Entries, Such as “A Medium Apple.”

Like, what does that even MEAN? Is this apple the size of a softball? A teeny tiny little guy? Skip generic entries, bust out the food scale, and then log your food according to how many grams or ounces it weighs.

Mistake #2: Eyeballing or Using Measuring Tools Rather Than Scale Weight.

Nothing will have you say “oh shit” faster than actually weighing our almond butter for the first time vs scooping out your tablespoons. Turns out your “two tablespoons” actually equaled 5 tablespoons – no wonder you might not be seeing the body composition goals we’re chasing.

Ditch the measuring spoons and cups and opt for EVERYTHING weighed out on the scale in grams or ounces.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to Log

Also known as the art of “air macro-ing” – This one is our FAVE. Graving on lil office candies or having a handful of ___ as we make the kid’s lunch can DEF add up over the course of the week. Scarfing a meal with the intent to log it later is a surefire way to forget to log ingredients/macros. Pretty easy fix: If it’s going in your piehole, it gets logged prior to consumption – period.

Mistake #4: Not Pre-Planning Your Day

Also known as “How to Make Macros a Pain in the Ass 101”: Logging “on the fly” with no game plan in place and then being forced to play Food Tetris at the end of the day. Plug your day into your food tracking application before you go to bed. Your future self will thank you (;

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