1600-2200 Calories Isn’t Enough for High Level CrossFit

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Hey CrossFit Regional/Games Athletes, the nutrition community has a bone to pick with ya: We’re reaaalll tired of high level athletes sharing how they eat 1600-2200 calories. CrossFit is a PERFORMANCE sport, why in the world AREN’T we eating appropriately to fuel our activity? Furthermore, do we understand the mixed messages people in the community get when their athletic idols are eating ZERO food? 

People in the CrossFit community certainly don’t exercise as much as y’all, so it makes a recipe for disaster as the thought process for average joes or aspiring athletes goes ‘Well, I don’t train 4-6 hours daily like _____ & they’re only eating 1600 cal, so clearly I need to eat less than them!’

The Shitty Thing About Nutrition:
⚡️Everything works until it doesn’t
⚡️Superior genetics will let people be outliers

Consistently under-eating and under recovering will eventually catch up and turn you into a walking dumpster fire when hormones and adrenals get tired of your sh*t. Want to be great at exercise? You need to EAT! andRECOVER! HARDER! than you TRAIN!

Snatching 200+ lbs as a female & eating 250 grams of carbs daily? I’d be terrified to think how you could lift and perform if you were ACTUALLY fueled on something adequate like 400-600 grams of carbohydrates and not just running off cortisol (god speed when that tanks)

Examples of Appropriate Macros:
180p 550c 95f, 3775 cal – Dani Horan **
165p 420c 70f, 2970 cal – Chyna Cho (M2 Performance Nutrition Athlete)
175p 450c 75f, 3175 cal – Steph Chung (M2 Performance Nutrition Athlete)

**Training has been super high, we will begin tapering for the CrossFit Games so food will adjust accordingly the next few weeks ????????

Want to Perform Your Best? Prioritize:
⚡️Seep (8-10 hours every night)
⚡️Recovery (mobilization, regular tissue work, adjustments, Normatec, Cryo, etc etc)
⚡️High quality food & appropriate food quantity (lol, prolly shouldn’t be sub 300c)
⚡️Headspace / mental game 
⚡️Minimizing stress as much as possible

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