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New week reminder that while there’s no “wagon” to “get back on”, that today is a new day and if we’ve spent the past few days enjoying Thanksgiving festivities, that it’s probably the perfect time to lean back into habits that help us feel good ??

Wonky digestion, bloating, and just feeling “mehh” seem to be the common complaints after a few days out of usual routine, so here’s some suggestions on simple tasks to give extra attention to these next couple of days so we can get back to feeling our usual awesome:

⚡️Sleep: It’s just plain hard to not feel damn good after a solid night of counting sheep and catching the zzz’s. Pop that sleep mask and try to net 8-9 hours

⚡️Water: We’re all just complicated house plants with emotions. Load up on the water and fluids and aim for bodyweight (in lbs) divided by 2 in fluid oz. If feeling especially dehydrated, don’t be afraid to snag some extra electrolytes through something like coconut water, electrolyte powder, etc.

⚡️Fiber: Help expedite digestion resuming “normal biz” and aim for a minimum 25-30g fiber. Great sources of fiber include berries, avocado, sweet potatoes, seeds, beans, lentils or chickpeas

⚡️Protein: Individual needs may vary, but a good generic base is to match bodyweight in grams, or close. For example, a 5’9 170 lb male likely needs somewhere in the neck of the woods of 160-180g protein daily

⚡️Veggies: Don’t forget the green stuff at each meal so we’re getting vitamins, minerals, and a little boost in fiber. Consider shooting for 1-2 cups of veggies at each meal

⚡️8-10k steps: Humans weren’t meant to be potatoes. Make sure we’re getting some movement and step action ??

Just remember: Thanksgiving is a holi-DAY, no need to let it accidentally turn into a holi-WEEK. Today is as good as any to hit up the grocery store, get the house stocked with good food, and be prepared to crush the week.

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