Costco Food Guide (For Those Who Hate Cooking)

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Not all of us have time to spend cooking and slaving away in the kitchen. If you don’t love being the kitchen, this post is for you!⁣

Costco can be the GOAT when it comes to offering super high quality items for a super affordable price tag. Costco can also be the GOAT when it comes to offering super processed food items with 23,894,723 ingredients – haha.⁣

One easy trick is to keep eyes peeled for the bright green price stickers – this means they’re organic! ⁣

Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better items, but more times than not, they’re usually better offers than the white label stuff. ⁣As always, double check that nutrition label for the macros and ingredients.

Pre-cooked meats can be awesome buys, but be prepared to potentially have to doctor them a little with spices and sauces. ⁣

They’ve already been cooked, so they can get a little dry on reheating. We love sauces/dressings from Primal Kitchen & Tessamaes.⁣

You’ll still have to devote 1-2 days to “prepping” your Costco haul. ⁣

It will likely take ya less than 30 minutes, but you need to make sure everything you brought home is “grab n go ready” in the fridge so that later in the week, you just need to grab a protein/carb/fat/veggie to assemble your meals.⁣

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