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Don’t have a Costco Membership?
You should get a Costco Membership.

Costco is a membership warehouse club – you pay a membership fee yearly for access to bulk foods at rad prices.
$60 is the Basic Membership (and what I have), but they do also have an Exclusive Membership for $120 where you earn rewards and get other perks.

Sam’s Club is “aight”… but definitely lacking on the organic/awesome foods selection.
Don’t get me wrong – Sam’s Club is still worth having a membership to if it’s the only thing in your area as they do still have some good products and definitely still have decent prices on fresh produce and household products.

But if you live near a Costco, it’s a no total no brainer.

This past year, well-known chain Whole Foods had 3.6 billion certified organic foods sales – which is definitely impressive. But Costco takes the honorable mention as they had over 4 billion dollars in organic food sales!

Costco is constantly rotating and bringing in new items and also supporting smaller brands & local companies as well. RxBar, Perfect Bar, Holy Kombucha, Halo Top – you name it, Costco’s got it.

For today’s Cheat Sheet, I simply mentioned the staples I’m constantly frequenting. But honestly, the options are endless and they also have great deals on frozen fruit, nuts, bacon, & other fresh produce and household products.

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