CrossFit Open Advice: Mindset & Goal Setting

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If your CrossFit Open experience is off to a rough start, maybe your training/nutrition aren’t the problem – But maybe your mindset, motives, and goals ARE. Here’s some CrossFit Open Advice on how to have your best Open yet!

Why are you doing the CrossFit Open?
If your goal is to be a certain number on the leaderboard – lets pump the breaks.

Self-fulfillment won’t ever come from comparing yourself to other people. Your value as a person doesn’t lie in a number. And frankly, a digital leaderboard doesn’t mean shit.

As a nutrition coach, I hear goals all the time where clients say “I was top 300 last year, I want to finish top 200 this year!” Okayyy – I hear you, but..

▪️There was a repeat on a workout and you were able to shave off 1 min from last year’s time?
▪️Or last year you had to do singles on toes-to-bar… but this year, you did sets of 5 the whole time?
▪️BUT at the end of the 5 weeks, you didn’t meet your goal of being top 200 — you finished top 250

Both scenarios show you improved this past year and are TOTAL reason to celebrate! Yet if your goal was solely set around the leaderboard, you’re stuck feeling disappointed for something out of your control.

Regardless of the leaderboard, each week should have an outcome that you feel content with.
So rather than setting a generic leaderboard goal…

What if we set a goal each week of the Open specific to that week’s workout?

CrossFit Open Advice on Setting Weekly Goals:
▪️Analyze the workout, the movements, & time domain
▪️Set a SPECIFIC, REASONABLE goal that is difficult but achievable (ex: “I want to achieve 10 rounds, so I will complete 1 round every 2 minutes.” Or: “I will do sets of 3 on muscle ups…”)
▪️Break down the workout, calculate splits/round times (if applicable) & develop a realistic game plan on how to attack the workout
▪️Doublecheck yourself: Is this goal achievable? Will you feel content knowing you achieved it?
▪️Believe in yourself, stick to the plan, and make that goal happen
(Because in case no one has reminded you lately, you’re pretty damn awesome!)

PS: You should be eating LOTS OF CARBS TODAY so you’re ‘good to go’ for tomorrow. And if you elect to repeat, you should repeat the same on Sunday in prep for Monday.

Happy CrossFit Open & good luck! ⭐️

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