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The CrossFit Open is upon us friends! But the bigger question: Is your nutrition  up to par? Today we’re going to give you some quick and easy CrossFit Open Nutrition tips & tricks to make sure you maximize your performance and recovery these next fie weeks.

Here’s the quick and dirty: Glycogen stores in the human body take 24 – 36 hours to replenish. This means that we’re always fueling ourselves in the gym off the day BEFORE, not necessarily on the day OF (although food on the day of certainly matters too).

CrossFit Open Nutrition Tips:
Step One (in preparation for greatness): Let your coach know ASAP if you plan to repeat the workout or “one and done” (yassss, slay & leave it all out there!)

Step Two: Plan out a “refeed day” (aka higher carb day). If you don’t track macros, you’ll simply eat more carbs than usual. If you DO track macros, this might be something like 80-100c more than your usual (or perhaps 40-50c if macro goals are on the lower end and aesthetics are a major concern)

Step 3: Try to eat according to your normal food routine. This means no NEW foods and certainly avoid spicy foods or stuff you know doesn’t sit well with your stomach (Ain’t nobody trying to die harder during their burpees). Consider keeping FIBER and FAT LOW so digestion doesn’t get funky. Eat up. Proteins & carbs, carbs & proteinnn

Step 4: Crush your workout and chug a shake immediately after. Ideally this would be one scoop protein + 1-3 scoops highly branched cyclic dextrin (or some other carb powder). Then go celebrate your AWESOME performance with a high quality meal full of ample carbs and protein with friends

Step 5: If repeating the workout, you will hit ANOTHER refeed (aka high carb day) AGAIN the day before the repeat For most people, this means refeed on THURSDAY, perform on Friday. Refeed on Sunday, repeat on Monday.

Happy Open Season my friends!

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