Easy Ways to Improve Sleep

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Is your lack of sleep sabotaging your body comp or gym performance?

There are few faster ways to feeling like absolute dogsh*t than not getting enough sleep. Unless we talk about repeatedly not getting enough sleep, multiple nights in a row (like when we dive into new parenthood and that’s our new normal- eep!).

Sleep is the most potent and underutilized tool out there, and it doesn’t cause a single dime.

Yet most people choose to skip out on bed time and then wonder why their body composition blows or they’re not achieving the results they want in the gym.

If you are in a caloric deficit, please please PLEASE get your sleep. I promise it will be make everything SO. MUCH. EASIER.

It may be COMMON to wake up multiple times a night, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal (;

If this is you, check-in that you’re getting enough carbs/calories for your activity and lifestyle. Also get your Vitamin D levels checked, as low vitamin D can lead to disrupted sleep.

Try to avoid eating right before bed, so your body can concentrate on sleeping and relaxing, rather than digesting.

Minimize your blue light exposure and avoid electronics, phones, tvs, etc a few hours before bed. We also suggest rocking blue-light blocking glasses (like @mvmt or @felixgrays)

Watch that caffeine consumption, especially if we’re a slow metabolizer. Try to keep consumption to less than 200mg, and don’t be afraid to cut off caffeine by 10am to see if that helps.

If it’s been a few years, upgrade your bed arsenal. We love @bedgear pillows & @performasleep mattress!

Having a wind-down nighttime routine and journaling can be helpful as well.

Don’t forget to supplement with magnesium citrate (natural calm) or magnesium glycinate (@zhounutrition) before bed as well. Most people are deficient (:

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