Easy Wins Podcast with Mitch Harb – Ep 70

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On this podcast episode of Easy Wins, we go in-depth on Nutrition, Hormonal Birth Control & Thyroid Function, Discussion of Training Modalities in Relation to Hormones, Keto, Reverse Dieting, & so much more!

Click the link above to give it a listen!

⚡️0:00 How Hypothyroidism Led Me to Pursue a Nutrition Degree
⚡️5:00 Realities of the Road to Becoming a Registered Dietitian 
⚡️12:00 Hormonal Birth Control & Thyroid Function
⚡️17:00 Brian Boorstein & Gym Programming When Hormones/Adrenals are Struggling
⚡️20:00 The Potential Positives & Negatives Behind CrossFit Programming
⚡️25:00 Comparing CrossFit vs Bodybuilding
⚡️29:00 No One Hires a Nutrition Coach When They Feel Good / Realities of Coaching
⚡️32:00 6 Pillars of Good Health
⚡️38:00 Why You Should Consider Tracking Your Food
⚡️42:00 Keto, CrossFit, Need for Carbohydrates
⚡️49:00 Are You Eating Enough & How Nutrition Impacts Our Hormones
⚡️50:00 Deficits & Reverse Dieting
⚡️57:00 What A Successful Coaching Journey Should Look Like 
⚡️60:00 Gut Health, Kombucha, & Candida

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