Enjoy the Weekends Without Ruining Your Progress

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Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by weekends & let them interfere with your fitness and nutrition endeavors!

The weekdays are easy – a piece of CAKE, right?!

We’ve got a routine, we punch in our 8-4 or 9-5 job, kids are in school, & life just flows.

Friday night rolls around – FREEEEEDOM!

Why WOULDN’T you go out to dinner, enjoy adult beverages, & let loose?

But before we know it, Monday cruises around & we feel bloated, heavy, and uncomfortable – ooooops!

Surely there’s gotta be a better way (and there is!)

Consistency ALWAYS wins, & tracking macros and eating well doesn’t mean much if we’re only doing it 4/7 days of the week.

Shoot, even one day of totally blowing it out is a surefire way to cancel out progress made during the other 6 days.

5 Easy Ways to Win the Weekends:
⚡️Hold the Same Routine: Who says weekends need to be any different than your day-to-day? Meal prep food for 7 days at a time and make sure we cook enough to last the weekend. Alternatively, meal prep 2x a week (Like a Sunday/Thursday combo) so we can coast along without a hitch

⚡️Ready-Made Meals: Don’t feel like lifting a finger in the kitchen – ready to Netflix, chill, & unwind? Utilize ready-made food companies like Trifecta Nutrition, Territory Meals, Ice Age Meals, or Snap Kitchen for delicious meals you can enjoy & easily plug into MyFitnessPal

⚡️Plan Ahead for a Social Outing: Know you’re headed out with friends on Saturday night? Eat a protein/veggie-heavy breakfast & lunch and get in a good workout Saturday morning. Look at the menu ahead of time for dinner, set a drink limit (or skip alcohol altogether), & make some memories with friends/family. See if you can reverse maneuver your day in MFP by plugging in estimated macros for dinner – or elect for an untracked meal (and just be responsible & avoid treating your body like a flaming dumpster)

⚡️Loosen Up Your Week Day Routine: If you “need” to go crazy on the weekend, it might indicate our diet is a littleee too boring during the week. What if you planned special occasions to look forward to? Perhaps “Taco Tuesday” becomes a thing & we cook up a flank steak or ground turkey, use almond flour tortillas, guacamole, etc etc. Maybe Saturdays, we jazz up our usual breakfast routine and make protein pancakes in addition to our usual eggs and bacon.

⚡️Double-check Your NEAT: Make sure you’re still crushing 10k steps. You can still unwind while also not being a couch potato (;

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