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In an ideal world, we would ALL have balanced hormones and feel like total rockstars. Estrogen dominance can occur in either gender with relative ease, considering our environment and food system can be on the toxic side. Using drugstore makeup, skincare, and body products? Regularly drinking or eating out of plastic? Buy conventional produce or cheap meats? All can hedge us closer towards hormonal chaos – so quality food, good lifestyle, and natural products are key to minimizing hormonal imbalance.

We can see an excess of estrogen due to a variety of things: it’s a multi-faceted problem!

Potential Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance:
– Heavy, painful, or irregular periods
– Headaches, migraines
– Cellulite
– Breast pain/fibrocystic breasts
– Fibroids
– Water retention
– Abdominal weight gain
– Mood swings
– Erectile dysfunction
– Gynomastia (‘man boobies’)
– Changes in thyroid function
– Cellulite

Potential Contributors to Estrogen Dominance:
– Hormonal birth control
– Xenoestrogens (exposure to plastic, parabens, and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals)
– Chronic stress
– Poor liver function
– Poor thyroid function
– Poor diet
– Heavy metal accumulation
– Blood sugar imbalances
– Industrial chemicals
– Poor sleep
– Excessive caffeine consumption
– Obesity
and more!

Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic estrogen-like function in the body. Hormonal birth control contains synthetic pseudo-hormones that damage our gut bacteria. As a result, our ability to detoxify & metabolize estrogen becomes compromised. Xenoestrogens are also commonly found in plastics, pesticides, and parabens (in our skincare, body care, hair care, and cosmetics. Need a safer brand? We love Beauty Counter)

A Few Ways to Naturally Improve Hormone Levels:
– Minimize alcohol consumption
– Prioritize 8-9 hours of sleep daily
– Watch caffeine consumption
– Reduce exposure to plastic
– Buy high-quality dairy and animal protein
– Keep blood sugar balanced by eating well-rounded meals consisting of protein, carbs, fat, veggies, and tons of fiber
– Consume 25-35g of fiber daily and lots of water
– Consume plenty of cruciferous vegetables and sprouts
– Use safer skincare, hair cair, and cosmetics

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