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Remember in the ’90’s when Time Magazine painted fat as the devil?
…Only to have a few years go by and we now know that was a total greed/money-funded prank on society?
(Or maybe you don’t & you’re still afraid of eating fats – well, now ya know)
Hopefully this macro cheat sheet will help you eat more fats (:

Dietary fats are the BUILDING BLOCKS to produce hormones
Aka estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone
Bonus: Some fats (like fish & coconut oil) also have anti-inflammatory properties

Don’t be so quick to run off & eat your weight in piggy strips though – type and source matter!
Ideally, we want most of our fats coming from quality sources, like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, etc

Worried About Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is more related to consuming an abundance of sh*tty fats + sugar + processed foods/carbs
Think: greasy burger, bun, and fries for lunch VS salmon, rice, veggie, avocado ->
Probably the same amount of protein/carbs/fats – but two totally different health outcomes

How Much Fat SHOULD You Eat?
Depends on time of year & your goals
⚡️Typically when dieting, we keep carbs as high as possible (so gym performance doesn’t tank)
⚡️That means mostly cutting cals by eating LESS fat (for the moment)
⚡️But after dieting for 8-12 weeks, we NEED to come back to maint. calories & bring those fats back UP to restore hormone function (our thyroid also loves fats!)

Don’t Forget About Digestion Though!
Think about if you put peanut butter in a bowl.
You try to rinse & the PB is like HAHA, NOPE – It’s similar in our gut

We want out GI to be a big ol’ Slip N’ Slide –
Enough fat to “grease the groove”, but not TOO much to bog down digestion

Especially if eating large quantities of carbs on the daily, too much fat = carbs fermenting in our gut = feeling super puffy/bloated

We also want happy hormones. Slow digestion = potential for excess estrogen to re-absorb back into the body rather than be excreted.

What About Nuts?
Aren’t those a source of good fat?

Double-edge sword: Nuts can be great source of healthy fats
BUT nuts also cause A LOT of people GI distress and digestive woes.

Also, please stop eating peanut butter & putting moldy nuts in your mouth.
(At least research about nuts and upgrade to almond butter)

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