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Fiber is kinddd of like protein – if you ain’t tracking, you prolly aren’t getting enough.

Fiber is found in plants, grains, & various other foods and cannot be digestive by the human body. It’s this awesome little powerhouse that helps keep us regular by making sure food keep scooting along in our digestive track, helps balance hormones, & also keeps overall gut health and things like cholesterol in check.

From a coaching perspective, fiber numbers can tell ya SO much about how someone eats without ever having to glance at food logs, as it lets us quickly know they’re likely crushing lots of fruits, veggies, and real whole foods! If we’re crushing 300-400g of carbs in a day, there’s absolutely no reason we shouldn’t see awesome fiber numbers.

Mileage may vary, but big picture goal would be something like 30-50g fiber daily. Slowly creep up over time though, we want to keep fiber relatively consistent day-to-day, otherwise digestion can get a little weird. Also need to be crushing ample water: bodyweight in lbs / 2 = fluid oz needed daily, + 10-15 oz for every hr spent exercising or sweating outside.

Ever wondered why digestion gets so jacked while traveling? Try keeping tabs on water & fiber and I bet you’ll minimize the digestive woes. Avocados, berries, & protein bars like @rxbars or @bulletproof bars can be life savers while on the road

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH fiber, so try to reign in anything beyond 50g-60g daily. We may not be absorbing and digesting the food we’re eating & hormone health may negatively be impacted (who knew, it IS indeed possible to be TOO healthy, lolol)

End of the day and realized you’ve dropped the ball? A big ol’ cup of berries or a smoothie w lots of fruits & chia seeds can be a day saver. A big serving of sweet potato, avo, & fruit during the day are easy staples to ensure we’re hitting fiber with ease.

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