Food Intolerance Testing

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An allergic reaction occurs when our immune system immediately overreacts to exposure to a food/substance.

8 Most Common Food Allergies:
⚡️Tree nuts

Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction:
⚡️Anaphylaxis (shock)
⚡️Tongue/throat swallowing
⚡️Trouble swallowing
⚡️Shortness of breath

A food intolerance is typically a delayed reaction & encompasses digestive woes (rather than a full-blown immune reaction)

Symptoms of Food Intolerances:
⚡️Stomach pain
⚡️Arthritis, aching joints

Food intolerance testing encompasses analyzing blood and how it responds when exposed to specific foods/substances by checking for an antibody known as immunoglobulin G, or IgG. The ISSUE is that these tests are notorious for inconsistent results: Numerous instances have been cited where docs drew multiple blood samples from the same person yet received different results.

That being said: I’ve personally done food intolerance testing twice & thought it was worth the money. The premise is that we remove reactive foods that may be inflammatory for 5-6 month fix underlying issues & up the ante on gut health, then reintroduce foods & go on with ya bad self. They say it takes the gut biome about 3-4 months to fully turnover. Do we necessarily have issues with all the foods that pinged? Maybe, maybe not – but if we temporarily remove what predictably may be inflaming us, maybe we can remedy our issue quicker.

EverlyWell does 96 foods for $199. AnyLabTestNow does 150 foods for $349. There’s a medley of other companies, but essentially the more $$$ you spend, the more things you can test. Foods get graded “highly reactive, reactive, or mildly reactive”.

Products to Help Restore Gut Health:
⚡️Restore (@restore4life)
⚡️Probiotics (@gardenoflife)
⚡️Bone broth (@kettleandfire)
⚡️Collagen (@wildfoodsco)
⚡️L glutamine (slowly increase dose by 2.5g/week)
⚡️Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi)

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