Gluten-Free Grain-Free Carb Ideas

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Gluten Free Carbs

Was getting a lot of requests for gluten-free/grain-free carb ideas, so ask you and you shall receive!

Being gluten-free or grain-free really isn’t awful – it just takes some adjustment, lots of label reading, and finding brands you like for products that also fit your ingredient needs.

It’s super common to see practitioners ask someone to go GF/grain-free while working through gut health protocols, so hopefully this cheat sheet helps.

Brown rice syrup ends up in a lot of gluten-free products (bagels, breads, tortillas, etc), so watch out for that if you need to be grain-free in addition to gluten-free.

Assuming you enjoy being active, potatoes and sweet potatoes are definitely going to be a staple in your routine (:

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Grain Free Carbs

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