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Regular consumption of red meat is SO important as it contains the best amino acid profile over any other protein source and chicken is super high in omega-6s (hello, inflammation). Steaks and fancy filets can be a little time consuming to cook though, as the wrong heat or cooking method can turn your expensive little delicacy into a burnt, dry brick before you even have time to blink.

If you’re riding on a budget or just straight up lazy (100% me), ground meat is a little easier to cook and more versatile. Most people probably instantly gravitate towards creating burgers, patties, or lil meatballs – but again, we are team lazyAF // basicAFnutrition over here, so we don’t even go that extra step.

Remember that our fats should primarily be filled by things like avocado, olive oil, or healthy fats like fish or red meat, so it may not be bad advice to scam less nut butter (nuts are usually a lil rough on the GI/digestion for most peeps anyway), and take a second look at how you fill those fats and consider different sources of protein.

Worth noting that you can buy ground bison or ground beef with VERY similar macros to ground turkey, and red meat is REMARKABLY tastier than our feathery friend, the turkey. Don’t be afraid to splurge a dollar or two extra for same macros & tastier meals (life too short to eat food that tastes like sh*t).

Red meat gives you GI issues? It IS a little harder to digest than chicken or white fish, so make sure that you’re chewing your food (25-30 times each bite), eating slowly, and use that digestion struggle as an indicator to up the ante on your gut health game with stuff like quality probiotics (we like Silver Fern Ultimate), collagen (Wild Foods Co), bone broth (Kettle & Fire or Epic), glutamine (5g daily)

On Today’s Edition of Sauté That Shizz:
1. Heat pan to medium-high heat
2. Add organic/grass-fed ground meat of choice
3. Season generously with Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, & Trader Joe’s BBQ Espresso Rub
4. Use a spatula to break up meat & ensure even cooking
5. Cook 7-10 min, or until no visible pink
6. Drain excess fat from pan
7. Pat yourself on the back – You’re basicallyy Top Chef material!

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