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The average adult eats 2 tons of food per year. That food can either break you down, stress you out, and cause inflammation.. or it can support you, nourish you, and build you up. Your gut health matters!

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located within your GI tract?

Anyone who struggles with mood disorders or excessive (food/seasonal) allergies is an instant flag for “might have an unhappy gut”

If digestion is a concern, feel free to check out the follow suggestions. With all gut health regimens, try to ease into things slowly.

(This means DON’T go from ground zero to ALL the supplementation CONNIE)
… Unless you’re into messy bathroom stuff, in which case: god speed

Just remember that it takes about 3 months for full-turnover of our gut biome. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away – consistency always pays here!

Symptoms Gut Flora May Not Be “Up to Par”:
⚡️Inconsistent bowel movements
⚡️Thyroid issues
⚡️Mood disorders like anxiety/depression
⚡️Allergies / Seasonal Allergies

Foods Notorious for Causing Gas & Bloating:
⚡️Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage
⚡️Asparagus, mushrooms, onions
⚡️Dairy products (ice cream, yogurt, cheese)
⚡️Gluten (breads, pastas, tortillas)
⚡️Beans & lentils

Supplements to Check Out:
⚡️Probiotics (Garden of Life Colon Care)
⚡️Bone Broth (Kettle & Fire)
⚡️Collagen (Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides)
⚡️L-Glutamine (slowly inc dose up to 5g daily)
⚡️Fermented Foods (Sauerkraut, kimchi)
⚡️Support Mucosa (A product by BioMatrix that helps rebuild GI lining)
**Careful with Kombucha – Yeast lives in all of us and it’s possible to overgrow it

Things to Consider:
⚡️30-35g fiber daily + tons of H2O
⚡️Food Intolerance testing (EverlyWell tests 96 foods for $200. You can also do 150 foods through AnyLabTestNow for $350)
⚡️Persistent issues may point towards a bigger underlying problem, like Candida, SIBO, or H.Pylori**

**with these,we’ve got too many critters or not enough critters living in there. Each requires it’s own specific test, so we’d suggest looking up symptoms and then pull the trigger on whichever test seems the most likely.

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