Harder to Kill Radio – Hormones, Birth Control, Body Comp – Ep. 167

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This podcast is loaded with so many important conversations regarding women’s health, hormones, birth control, thyroid, nutrition, dieting, & so much more. We can’t wait for you to listen!⁣

Podcast Highlights:

⚡️9:00 Amazing Educational Resources⁣
⚡️11:30 Why Doctors May Not Have the Skill Set to Help with Nutrition, Weight Loss, etc⁣
⚡️12:00 Symptoms are Signs to Make Changes to Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, & Environment ⁣
⚡️13:30 Why There’s Not Tons of Research Studies on Women ⁣
⚡️14:00 Low / No Carb Eating May Wreck Your Menstrual Cycle ⁣
⚡️22:00 HBC is Not Right or Wrong – Why We Should Educate & Empower Women to Find the Choice That’s Best for THEM⁣
⚡️25:00 HBC is Doctor-Prescribed Hormone Balance – What Our Menstrual Cycle Should Look Like vs What Happens When We Utilize HBC⁣
⚡️28:00 Hormonal Birth Control Effect on Thyroid Function, Metabolism, & Body Comp⁣
⚡️29:00 Potential Side Effects of HBC Use⁣
⚡️32:00 Why HBC May Not Be a Good Fit if Aesthetics and Gym Performance Matter to Us⁣
⚡️35:00 Cannonballs to Good Hormone Health & Wellbeing ⁣
⚡️48:00 What Happens to Hormones When We Diet / Why We Can’t Perpetually Cut Cals⁣
⚡️50:00 Leaning into Eating More Food ⁣

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