Have You Earned the Right to Diet?

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As a nutrition coach, it’s not uncommon to see:
⚡️Food logs for 500-1000 cals
⚡️People endlessly following templates or trying to cut 5 billion times in a year
⚡️People trying every diet under the sun EXCEPT the one where you stop dieting and eat more comida on the reg

Imagine if you were stranded on an island & all you had was a backpack of food: You’d be rationing out every last morsel. Human bod isn’t much different. Bless it – it’s gotta put up with our sh*t, but it’ll also do what it needs to (like down regulate sex hormones & thyroid function) to survive.

We have to EARN the RIGHT to diet and lose fat.

Potential Indicators Our Body Is Not In a Place to Diet:
⚡️Subclinical thyroid levels
⚡️Just had major surgery or a baby
⚡️Missing menstrual cycle, symptoms of hormone imbalance, low sex drive
⚡️Chronically hungry, never feeling hungry
⚡️Poor sleep, waking up multiple times during night
⚡️Feeling like sh*t in the gym, low motivation
⚡️Poor gut health / digestion
⚡️You’ve attempted dieting & it didnt work
⚡️You’ve been eating less than maint cals consistently the past 3-6 mo
(This could go on forever)

Scope the 2016 paper by Hulmi et al out of Finland. It eluded that the female neuroendocrine system may not be fully recovered from a dieting phase 3-4 months later despite dialing up calories back to maintenance. Men seem to be (slightly) more resilient – but regardless, NO ONE should be perpetually dieting.

Things to Consider:
⚡️Fat loss phases should likely be minimized to 8-12 weeks segments followed by 4-6+ months MINIMUM at maintenance
⚡️Fat loss phases should likely be limited to 1-2x/year (mileage may certainly vary)

Not Sure If You’re Undereating?
⚡️Get a digital food scale & download MyFitnessPal: Log all the food you eat for the next 7 days
⚡️Throw deets into a TDEE Calculator. This is JUST a generic reference that may or may NOT be accurate depending on eating history & activity. TDEE isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly a good start!
⚡️Compare food log totals to projected TDEE. TDEE will provide you estimated maintenance calories based on your stats & activity.

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