Healthy Food Ideas at Trader Joe’s


There are tons of healthy food options available these days, but none of them are quite as magical as the healthy food ideas that Trader Joe’s comes up with on a monthly basis.

You know I’m all about finding easy meal prep options that don’t require a ton of cook time, but I also loooove to prep my foods with all the spices. These healthy food ideas at Trader Joe’s will help you mix up your prep with all the good flavors that you literally can’t find anywhere else.

Trader Joe’s is def more of an accessory grocery shop for me and not somewhere I do the majority of my shopping. But especially around holiday times, you can’t beat their fun seasonal foods and festive spirit. I also love their super affordable flowers (:

Here’s my guide to the best healthy food options!
– No-cook proteins
– Minimal-cook proteins
– Budget-friendly proteins & carbs
– Minimal-prep carbs
– Healthy fat ideas
– Fresh produce ideas
– Frozen produce ideas
– Spices & condiments

Staples we buy regularly:
*Sweet Apple Chicken Sausages (like, 5 at a time)
*Teriyaki Turkey Jerky & Chomp Sticks (amazing for travel)
*Microwave Jasmine Rice
*Spices (Everything Bagel, Garlic Powder, Onion Salt, & the BBQ Espresso Rub)
*Condiments (TJ’s Ketchup is the GOAT, Carolina BBQ, & Coconut Aminos)

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