How to Build Healthy Meals

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Build a Healthy Meal

“I really love spending hours in the kitchen meal planning/cooking” – SAID NO ONE, EVER.⁣

I don’t know about you right now, but my downtime is precious. I’m filling it with copious amounts of lifting and video games right now and can confirm its WAY more fun than groaning in the kitchen.

⁣How to Build Healthy Meals

So I’m going to share some tips that are going to make this all incredibly easy to navigate.⁣

Sidenote: I’ve also heard a lot of people mention they’re struggling with willpower and can’t stop eating the cookies/chips/ice cream etc in their house right now. ⁣The easiest way to have better self-control and will power? Stop forcing yourself to use it. ⁣

If it’s in your fridge, freezer, or pantry, it’s going to be eaten. So Marie Kondo your kitchen (but remove the part where you ask “does this bring me joy?” – cookies bring everyone joy, Becky). ⁣Try asking, “is this a hell yes or a hell no?” and do a lil cleanup on your kitchen and pantry.

Healthy Muscle Building Meals

The goal would be that most meals have a protein + carb + fat + a ton of spices, condiments, and sauces.

When it comes to hitting the grocery store (or curbside ordering), keep the rule of 3’s in mind: 3 proteins, 3 fats, 3 carbs. Then pick 1 of each and combine for a meal.⁣

If we use the infographic as an example, our meals might be:⁣
Breakfast: eggs, avocado, potato ⁣
Lunch: grass-fed beef, olive oil, rice⁣
Dinner: chicken thighs, butter, pasta⁣
+ a fruit/vegetable somewhere⁣


Y’all know I’m a hoe for Trader Joe’s spices (onion salt, garlic powder, everything bagel, Himalayan salt) and Primal Kitchen Sauces (vegan ranch, honey mustard, bbq ranch)⁣. I take my seasoning game very seriously. You should, too.

Also, microwaving is a surefire way to have rubbery and dry food. Take the extra 2 minutes to heat up food in a sauté pan, it will make a WORLD of a difference. ⁣As always, you’ll spend way more time cooking from scratch at every meal. Batch cook 2x/week so all you have to do is grab and reheat.⁣

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