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Struggling to kick your soda habit? This is the post for you.

Not new news, soda is loaded in sugar, carbs, and extra calories. Unfortunately, it’s also delicious and can be very addicting/hard to give up.

Per usual, LCK to the rescue. Here’s some ideas for guilt-free swaps that might be a little healthier choice.

As always, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So rather than going from 6 sodas a day to trying to go cold turkey – consider weening it down over time. 6 a day becomes 5. 5 a day becomes 4 – and so on.

@zevia is one of our favorite beverage choices. It’s zero calorie, sweetened with stevia, and comes in a variety of flavors. Cream soda and cola are probably our favorites, followed closely by ginger root bear.

@topochicousa is for our people who really love carbonated beverages. We especially love the lime flavor!

Kombucha brands can be hit or miss, but can be great for the occasional swap. They can be pretty high in sugar, so this is definitely better as a “once a week” treat, rather than a daily thing. @buddhasbrew is our favorite brand (and local!)

Coconut water is another fun way to switch things up. This guy is high in potassium and great during or after workouts, but again – can wrack up the carbs/sugar

For those wanting to up their water game, try chopping up some fruit and tossing it in. I’ve been a long-time @wework member, and always enjoyed their daily fruit water combinations. Watermelon or pineapple go great in water (and look pretty, too!)

Important to mention that we should still be drinking more WATER than anything else. So while these swaps are great, they should be just that – occasional. We shouldn’t be crushing 80 oz of zevia a day (;

Love these tips? You’d love my 150 page ebook, The Badass Guide to Fat Loss, Gaining, and Maintaining.

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