Helpful Priorities for Pregnant/Postpartum Mommas

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Pregnancy is a very different experience for each woman, so understand there’s generally 3 rules to live by: consult w/ your doctor regarding any concerns, you know your body better than anyone else, & lastly – the idea of “grace and space”

Meaning: Pregnancy is hard, & you are doing the best you can with what you have

For those looking for more resources, @lindsey_k_matthews & @birthfit are terrific for all things pregnancy (:

1st trimester is when most women experience super bad nausea, inconsistent appetite, food cravings, & food aversions. After the first 3 months in on pregnancy, things typically get significantly easier & eating likely will resume normal.

Your ability to hit the suggested priorities in the infographic are going to charge throughout pregnancy/during PP. Just giving ideas on big rocks to consider & work towards.

Fats support hormone health, so we love seeing lots of avocados, whole eggs, olive oil, high quality meat, nuts, etc.

For mommas who likes science, the 2014 Italian RDA proposes:

– 1st trimester: ~ 60 calories extra per day

– 2nd trimester: ~ 250 calories extra per day

– 3rd trimester: ~ 500 calories extra per day

That being said, “grace and space.” If you are hungry, please listen to your body & eat ♥️

I personally have never asked my pregnant mommas to track their macros. If they elected to, we suggested a focus on protein/calories in order to make sure they’re eating enough.

PP is where things get interesting. While it’s understandable that we might instantly want to concentrate on losing “baby weight,” our number one concern should be our own personal health, healing, & the little one.

A body that needs serious time to heal + 0 food + tanked hormones + baby that needs breastmilk + no sleep + starting to ease back into exercise = not a pretty picture.

A body has to feel SAFE to get lean & stay lean.

We personally always advise clients to focus on the major rocks (maintenance calories, lots of protein/fruits/veggies/fiber/water/sleep/exercise) for the first 1-1.5 years after giving birth and waiting until momma feels like a million bucks before worrying about dieting.

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