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Dieting can feel miserable, or like a total breeze. Here’s a few ways to make the transition to less calories a little less miserable:

Sleep: Ever notice how after a bad night’s sleep, you often find yourself craving certain foods or hungry all day? Chronic poor sleep habits can also lead to changes in leptin, ghrelin, and how well the body can handle carbohydrates.

Lift Heavy: Reminder that there is no such thing as “toning.” Just like there’s no way to gain JUST muscle when massing, there’s no way to lose just fat when dieting, there’s gonna be some muscle loss. Shameless plug: @paragontrainingmethods.

NEAT: It’s great to spend an hour in the gym, but whatcha doing the other 23? Especially when calories are low, you’ll naturally find yourself wanting to move less. 60 minutes in the gym is great, but the 1,380 minutes outside of the gym are even more important. 1k steps = about 10 minutes of walking. Get to it.

Fiber: Keeps you full, and keeps digestion cruising (which is important, since thyroid takes a bit of a hit when dieting and running a little hypo can lead to slower bowel movements). Try sources like avocados, berries, and lentil pastas.

600-800g of Veggies: 85g is about cup of vegetables. So think a heaping cup = 100g. Or just use a scale (which is much more preferable and accurate). Not being hungry is the name of the game, so volume can be a potent tool when calories are low. Lots of leafy stuff + fruits + vegetables to the rescue!

Water: Channel your inner camel. Put allll the water and liquids in and around your mouth.

Crush Protein + Calorie Goals: Studies show that neither low-fat or low-carb diets are superior. It ultimately comes down to simply creating a caloric deficit. This is beautiful news as it means you don’t have to sweat perfect/specific macro goals.

Hit protein goals. Stay within calorie goals. And let carbs/fat shake out how they may. Might not be terrible to keep carbs higher during a deficit so we feel good in the gym.

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