Helpful Tips on Finally Achieving Clear Skin

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Excited to share this today, as I’ve previously always struggled with acne.

Cystic acne was actually one of the main drivers behind why I went on the pill at 16 years old. I was on antibiotics for years (no wonder I was always the queen of gut issues) & tried every skin regimen under the sun. Getting off the pill & actually addressing the root cause (diet, remedying gut health & poor liver detoxification, and addressing underlying thyroid & hormone imbalances) has been key.

I recently started doing hydra facials every 6 wks at @vivadayspa & it’s been life-changing. Hydrafacials are a facial treatment that cleanse, exfoliate, peel, extract, & hydrate your skin all with a single tool. It’s a 3-step treatment that leaves you with absolutely glowing skin after!

My skincare line-up: I wash my face w/ Beauty Counter’s Cleansing Balm, use hyaluronic acid morning/night, and then follow-up with Beauty Counter’s CounterMatch Adaptive Moisturizing Lotion.

1-2x times a week, I do Beauty Counter’s Balancing Charcoal Mask. 1-2x times a week at night, I’ll wash my face & then apply Beauty Counter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I used to always try super harsh products on my skin – before realizing I was just irritating my face more. Now I keep it simple: cleanse & moisturize.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure to use EWG-verified skincare, body care products, & safer hair care products. Beauty products can contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that may fuss with your hormones. I love safer brands like Beauty Counter & W3llPeople.
  • Use natural laundry soap. I love @branchbasics
  • Don’t forget to remove makeup before bed, & wash your sheets/make-up brushes weekly.
  • Make sure to drink your body weight (lbs) /2 in oz of fluids + 15 oz for every hr of exercise.
  • Aim for 25-35g fiber daily + lots of cruciferous veggies
  • Aim to minimize refined sugars/processed foods. I love seeing 400-600g veggies & 100-300g fruit per day.
  • Consider supplementing fish oil, zinc, turmeric, NAC. DIM or Vitex may be helpful, but check with your doctor first.
  • Consider removing gluten, dairy, and nuts (all common food intolerances

Love these types of tips? Check out my ebooks for more ways to take control of your body and your life.


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