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High Protein Foods and Snacks

The 2020 grocery store shenanigans continue. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our recent Costco Meal Prep Grocery List. Foods high in protein are important for a healthy diet and you may be surprised in how many high protein foods and snacks are available. Whether we’re burnt out on chicken breast or struggling to find any at all, here are a few ideas of things you could use to help fill the gaps.⁣

Not into meat but need Protein? Check out our High Protein Non-Meat Foods Article.

And yes, yes I did stand on top of barstools in the dark with a food lamp to snag this picture (as usual), thank you for asking.⁣

Snack Foods High in Protein:

Three Wishes Cereal is gluten-free, dairy-free, and fucks hard, biiiiiig fan. 8g protein in a serving.⁣

Bada Bean’s are awesome.. if you get the right flavor. Didn’t care for cinnamon (like hated it so bad I threw the bag out), but super down with the sea salt flavor. 7g pro/serving.⁣

The Caulipower were fun to try. The “spicy-ish” description is pretty accurate. Not spicy initially, but def have a kick at the end. The price tag on these were pretty steep on these though. $10 bag = 64g protein.⁣ A great option when looking for snack foods high in protein low in calories.

High-key fan of Kize bars + love the minimal ingredients. Make sure to check labels as some have minimal protein. Bars shown are in the 9-11g range. ⁣

The Vegan One Plant Bars rip as well. Still not a big fan of their original bars (ingredients nor the GI distress that comes with them), but all 4 flavors of the vegan line are pretty god-tier. 12g pro/ bar.⁣

The Flex Popcorners were aight. 10g of protein for a serving doesn’t suck. Normal Popcorners are almost too dangerous because serving size can easily = 1 bag. These weren’t quite as binge-worthy… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d buy it again.⁣

The Start Right Breakfast Sammies have been a long time freezer staple for me. Add a Lil maple syrup and you’re rocking n’ rolling. I’ve been buying these at Sprouts. 19g protein.⁣

I haven’t had a chance to try the chickpea puffs yet. Don’t yell at me if they suck.⁣

I hope you enjoy these options for high protein foods and snacks. As always, don’t forget it’s 2020. You can order literally anything online from Amazon or directly from the companies website.

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