High Protein Grocery Ideas That Aren’t Meat

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High Protein Non Meat Foods

2020 has been a real trip. Face masks are now a fashion item and many of us are suddenly struggling to find meat to put in and around our pieholes. The number 1 bullshit, checking in.⁣⁣

If you are having trouble finding meat protein I suggest replacing with high protein non-meat foods. A gentle reminder that getting inadequate protein is a daily core foundational habit to better health and body composition. It’s a big rock. A non-negotiable.⁣⁣

We’re aiming for around 1g per lb body weight (if lean), or 0.8g x bodyweight (in lbs) if higher body fat.⁣⁣


5’3, 130 lb lean female = 130g protein⁣⁣

5’3, 170 lb female = 135g protein⁣⁣


Non Meat Foods That Are High in Protein

Most plant-based meat products are hot garbage ): Canola should be avoided as much as possible and ironically, it’s one of the major ingredients in products like Beyond Burger and similar products. I’d rather lick a pinecone.⁣⁣

We hopped around between Whole Foods and Sprouts for this food guide. Swipe away!⁣⁣

If you ARE able to find meat, don’t forget that you can freeze any excess meat until you’re ready to use it. You could also look online to find local ranchers to order from or use meat-delivery companies like Butcher Box.⁣⁣

It was fun hunting around for high protein non-meat foods. Obviously some are more snack-like, whereas lentil or chickpea pasta could be a daily staple at one of your meals.⁣⁣ If you plan to bulk shop check out our Costco Healthy Meal Prep Food Guide.

Don’t forget to look online for nonmeat foods that are high in protein. I get DM’s constantly asking where foods are from. Amazon or company websites. It’s 2020, you can find pretty much anything online and available to be delivered right to your door.

Just do the best you can right now. Next month or two might mean having to crush 2 protein shakes a day in addition to whatever you’re able to get. This too shall pass.

Be sure to also check out our Snack Foods High In Protein Article.

List of Non Meat Foods High in Protein:


Super Coffee Mocha – 10g Protein

Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix: Protein – 16g Protein

Dave’s Killer Bread: Plain Awesome Organic Bagels – 11g Protein

Bada Bean Bada Boom: Sweet Siracha – 21g Protein

Fuel for Fire Smoothie – 10g Protein

Dave’s Killer Bread: 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Organic Bread – 5g Protein

Califia Farms: Protein Oat – 8g Protein

Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes – 14g Protein

Birch Benders Pancakes & Waffles: Plant Protein – 10g Protein

Tolerant Organic: Red Lentil Penne Pasta – 21g Protein

Pop Corners: Flex – 10g Protein

OatMega: Protein Bar – 14g Protein

Go Macro Macrobar – 12g Protein

Owyn Protein – 20g Protein

Three Wishes: Grain Free Cinnamon Cereal – 8g Protein

Icelandic Provisions: Traditional Skyr – 15g Protein

Banza: Rice Made from Chickpeas – 11g Protein

Three Wishes: Grain Free Honey Cereal – 8g Protein

Biena:  Chickpea Puffs – 6g Protein

Banza: Rotini Made from Chickpeas – 35g Protein

Birch Benders: Protein Toaster Waffles – 11g Protein

Kize: Life Changing Bar – 6g Protein

The Gluten Free Bar: Gluten Free Oatmeal – 10g Protein

Orgain:  Clean Protein Shake – 20g Protein

One Plant Protein Bars – 12g Protein



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