How to Hit Macros & Still Drink Alcohol

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The hardest part about implementing healthier lifestyle and food habits? That humans are social beings who need to have fun on occasion. Here’s the skinny on how to drink alcohol on occasion and still hit your macros.

Our beloved “liquid courage”, aka alcohol, is occasionally referred to as the “fourth macronutrient” (the other three macronutrients obviously being protein, carbs, and fats).

The good news: It’s OKAY to occasionally snag a drink and it probably won’t ruin your progress
The BAD news: The key word there was OCCASIONALLY and there’s some deets you should know so you can indulge responsibly

Did you know the body may not metabolize and break down protein/carbs/fat in the presence of booze? Aka any food eaten in the presence of alcohol may just get stored as fat?

Did you know that alcohol may also negatively impacts muscle protein synthesis? In other words… regular booze consumption may impact your ability to build muscle? (Oh Jiminy Christmas, look at your favorite beer over there just tryna steal all your gains!)

Did you know alcohol raises estrogen in the body?
It may increase SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), thus we may see a reduction in free testosterone, depleted zinc levels, negative impact to thyroid, and a lower testosterone production.

Alcohol also impacts liver function temporarily, which means hormones in your body that may have been ‘scheduled’ for removal get re-circulated back into the bloodstream. Lower testosterone levels and a tip towards increased estrogen levels in both males and females – yikes!

Well okayyyy, fun-sucker.
So how do we minimize the damage?

⚡️Get in a solid workout in earlier in the day
⚡️Try to keep food and alcohol separate.
⚡️Consume a protein & veggie-intensive breakfast (and lunch if possible) so there’s a little wiggle room if you accidentally get white girl wasted and go ham on some (less than ideal) food
⚡️Set a goal *PRIOR* to drinking and set a limit for yourself
⚡️Choose high quality drinks and liquors & skip the sugar
⚡️Got pushy friends who live to party? Ask the bartender for some club soda & lime, nobody will even know the difference

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