Hormonal Birth Control is Doctor-Controlled Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormonal birth control is a reliable (but shitty) ‘fix all’ bandaid to many hormonal imbalance woes. Acne? PMS? Heavy or painful periods? Alternatively, just not interested in getting pregnant right now? HBC shuts down & overrides natural hormone function. So we have: no symptoms, no babies, no problems… right?

Not so fast. 

Happy estrogen & progesterone levels are vital to health. Think of estrogen as grass on a lawn, where progesterone acts as the lawn mower that comes through and cuts down estrogen half way through the month before things get out of hand. If hormones are happily balanced, progesterone and estrogen operate as a see-saw.

Hormonal birth control’s dirty little secret? It prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation. If we don’t ovulate in the middle of our cycle, we DON’T produce progesterone. In other words? Our body’s see-saw gets slammed into the mud and our hormonal “lawn” may get a little…undesirable.. Cue cellulite, mood swings, weight gain around the hips & midsection, etc etc.

Also worth noting that hormonal birth control utilizes synthetic chemicals that are NOT the same as our naturally occurring hormones. Our period is a monthly feedback report on our health and provides us a ‘peek under the hood.’ Unfortunately, we do NOT experience a real period on HBC (just a prescription-induced bleed) and our natural hormones are turned OFF and shut down. 

Potential Symptoms of Hormonal Birth Control:

⚡️Decreased thyroid function

⚡️Depression & mood issues

⚡️Increased inflammation

⚡️Disruption to gut flora/digestive health 

⚡️Nutrient deficiencies

⚡️Low sex drive

⚡️Yeast infections

⚡️Weight struggles

⚡️Hair loss

If we are healthy, periods are painless and easy. If we’re suffering with symptoms, it’s the body’s way of speaking up and telling us to live differently. Worth noting that the longer we hide behind HBC or IUD, the harder it may be to remedy symptoms. 

Not sure where to start?

Check out Lara Briden’s Period Repair Manual, work with a doctor, and consider hiring an experienced coach. Interested in some additional resources? Check out How to Naturally Balance Hormones Using Cruciferous Veggies & SproutsThe 3 P’s of Hormone Health, and How to Transition off Hormonal Birth Control

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