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Digestion and bathroom talk definitely falls into the weird land of taboo  (like miserable periods, lack of erections, or mood disorders) where you mayyyy not realize your ‘normal’ is NOT, in fact, normal.

You know that saying ‘happy wife, happy life’? It applies to your gut & hormones, TENFOLD. We are ONLY as healthy as our GI, so if we’re noticing a lot of gas, bloating, or issues in el bano, it’s worth paying attention as it means body ain’t particularly in a great space. It’s not so much about WHAT we eat, but rather what we can ABSORB and DIGEST.

We can fill up the tank with all the high quality goodies we like, but it doesn’t mean shizz if our body can’t absorb or do anything with it. It would be a very difficult feat for hormones to be happy if our gut is unhappy- much of our thyroid hormone conversion occurs in the gut & sex hormones (like excess estrogen) can’t be properly filtered out if we have inconsistent bathroom or digestion tendencies.

Signs of a Happy Gut:
⚡️Minimal presence of acne, eczema, or psoriasis
⚡️Minimal presence of mood disorders or mood issues
⚡️Minimal presence of autoimmunity flairs (Rheumatoid Arthritis, thyroid antibodies, IBS, etc)
⚡️Minimal gas or bloating
⚡️Not requiring caffeine to hit the bathroom
⚡️Going ‘number two’ 1-3 times a day
⚡️Bathroom consistency similar to a banana or chicken sausage

Things That May Negatively Impact Gut Health:
⚡️Antibiotics, Hormonal Birth Control, Depression Meds, NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen)
⚡️Not enough sleep (8 hours min)
⚡️Over-training in gym
⚡️Pesticides and GMO Foods
⚡️Chronic Stress
⚡️Concentrated sugar consumption
⚡️Incorporating TOO much ‘gut stuff’ (aka over-doing it on probiotics, saurkraut, kombucha, etc)

Bloating, heartburn, or hypothyroidism? You may be struggling with low stomach acid. Look into digestive enzymes with betaine hydrochloride (we love Thorne Research Bio-Gest).

Interested in further education? Snag a copy of Dr. Ruscio’s Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Gut stuff not improving? Don’t be afraid to work with a doctor and consider further testing for H.Pylori, SIBO, or Candida. Symptoms like a white tongue or toe nail fungus may point towards a candida overgrowth, where experiencing MORE bloating after introduction of fermented food or probiotics may point towards potential SIBO

Naturally Remedying Gut Woes:
⚡️Work with a doctor to transition off HBC
⚡️Getcha drank on (Bodyweight/2 in oz + 15 oz for every hour of exercise)
⚡️30-40g fiber daily (user mileage may vary, same may fair better at 25-35g)
⚡️Minimize alcohol consumption
⚡️Minimize processed foods and excessive sugar
⚡️Minimize dairy, gluten, corn, and soy
⚡️Watch food quality: purchase organic produce & high quality meats
⚡️Avoid artificial sweeteners
⚡️Remove casein protein powders or protein bars
⚡️Eat lots of vegetables (zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, mushrooms, and bells tend to be easy on the gut)
⚡️Consider supplementing with digestive enzymes + betaine hydrochloride
⚡️Minimize and address stress
⚡️Sleep 8-10 hours daily

Love these types of nutrition tips? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you & has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, information on how much to eat, tips on fat loss, deets on hormones, guides on cooking, macros, & SO much more!

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