Household Items That Can Be Used As Exercise Weights

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Household Items to Use as Weights

When times get tough, the tough get creative. Most online retailers are sold out of dumbbells, squat racks, and general exercise equipment due to the pandemic. I would continue to stalk retailers online daily, such as Rogue Fitness, Fringe Sports, Dicks, Walmart, Academy, etc – never know when you might discover a restock! Check out the list below of estimated weights of household items to lift weights.

Household Items to Lift Weights

(weights are estimated)

Luggage: 20 lbs – 50+ lbs (depends on how it’s filled)

Laundry Detergent:  8.3 lbs (differs by size of package)

Gallon of Milk: 8.5 lbs

Gallon of Paint: 10 lbs

12 Pack of Canned Sodas: 10 lbs

Cat Liter: 20 lbs – 50 lbs (differs by size of package)


You could also look around on Facebook Marketplace and local selling apps, such as OfferUp or 5Mile. ⁣

⁣⁣If you need good programming, checking out Paragon Training Methods. We have programs for all equipment availability and time domains!


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