How Much Exercise is Too Much Exercise?

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To quote @musclenerds_health: “Obesity is the result of an unhealthy body, not the cause of it. You have to be HEALTHY to lose weight, NOT lose weight to BE healthy. The goal is not necessarily weight loss, but ‘creating more health’ – if we create more health, we will see weight loss.”

Exercise is a tricky animal. There’s no doubt that the human body was made to MOVE and that health should encompass being active both inside AND outside of the gym. But like everything, too much activity can actually be JUST as bad as getting none at all

As always: EVERYONE is different & we can’t throw blanket statements to specifically how much exercise is appropriate – it’s SO individualized. But keep in mind that overstressing the bod may negatively impact adrenals, cause muscle breakdown, lead to hormonal imbalances, increase body fat, or a medley of other symptoms

We also don’t live in a vacuum: It’s a balancing act of how much we fitness, eat, sleep, activity outside of the gym, stress, etc

Signs of Overtraining:
⚡️Lack of appetite
⚡️Lack of period
⚡️Lack of sex drive / boners
⚡️Lack of creativity / mental clarity
⚡️Insatiable hunger, food cravings
⚡️Decreased immunity, frequently being sick
⚡️Excessive soreness
⚡️Agitation & moodiness
⚡️Chronic/nagging injuries
⚡️Increase in body fat
⚡️CNS fatigue
⚡️Stalled progress in gym / not hitting PR’s
⚡️Shitty sleep (trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, etc)
⚡️Inability to create output during training/increased perception of difficulty
⚡️Poor digestion
(This list could go on forever)

Solid Rule of Thumb: You should feel ENERGIZED and BETTER upon leaving the gym, not beat down and like a total zombie. Please read that like, 3 more times before proceeding.

Thoughtful Considerations:
⚡️3-5 days of training is PLENTY (need good programming? Shameless plug: @bryanboorstein)
⚡️Less than 7 hours of sleep = you don’t get to train
⚡️Mix it up: Pick up something heavy 2-3x/wk, get out of breath 1-2x/wk, & 10k steps daily
⚡️Make sure to crush carbs for fuel & recovery. Unsure of your nutrition? Hire a coach♥️

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