How to Crush in the Kitchen 101: Chicken Edition

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To quote @alexqmaclin, “If your prepped food tastes like hot garbage, good luck staying consistent to your nutrition plan”

There’s literally nothing worse than dry, rubbery chicken (we lied: egg whites are also pretty terrible – Yolk is lifee). Avoid the trip to misery town & let’s learn how to crush in the kitch!

Prep Your Roosters:
⚡️Rinse chicken & pat dry (reminder: invest your stripper dollars in the organic chickens, ain’t nobody got time for extra antibiotics or pesticides in the meat you plan to put in your mouth)
⚡️Trim any excess fat (kitchen scissors are amazing for this)
⚡️Planning to bake or sauce? Slice into 1×1 inch pieces (shamelessly also use kitchen scissors for this too, clearly the next Bobby Flay over here)
⚡️Place in bowl. Covet in spices, seasonings, & marinade of choice. Stick in fridge. Let chill for 1-3 hours (@tessemaes, @primalkitchenfoods, @sietefoods all make baller marinades. We love topping with @traderjoes bbq espresso rub, onion salt, and garlic powder)

Crockpot That Shizz:
⚡️Place marinaded thighs or breasts in crockpot
⚡️Slowcook for 4-5 hrs
⚡️Drain liquid
⚡️Pull apart & shred meat
⚡️Toss in fave sauce – such as bbq, buffalo, or honey mustard

Bake That Shizz:
⚡️Set oven to 400 F
⚡️Line pan with foil (ideally one with small, raised edge so sauces don’t spill over)
⚡️Spread out chicken
⚡️Bake for 15-25 min or until pink longer visible inside chicken

Saute that Shizz:
⚡️Heat stovetop to medium-high
⚡️Grease copper or cast iron pan w a lil coconut oil
⚡️Wait for oil to warm, add chicken (oil should sizzle upon adding meat)
⚡️Dial back heat to medium & continually toss and move around meat
⚡️Sprinkle in fresh herbs & spices as desired
⚡️Cook for 8-10 min or until meat no longer pink
⚡️Drizzle in coconut aminos towards tailend of cooking for extra flavor & moisture
⚡️Drain any excess liquid & let cool

Grill That Shizz:
⚡️Warm grill to medium-high
⚡️Space out chicken, cook for 4-6 min before flipping
⚡️Remove from heat when insides are no longer pink

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